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The modification offers improved performance and appearance of this off-road car. The main objective of the package is to increase the ground clearance of Dacia and to improve traction when driving on unpaved roads and off-road. Modifications includes increasing the ground clearance by 60 mm, mounting tires of larger diameter and with a modern tread, allowing navigating through all terrains, engine protection and a steel front bumper cover plate, steel protection for rear axle and gas tank, which allows driving on diverse and rough terrains or on roads with large ruts. Another component of the package is a winch for pulling over 2 tons with dedicated mounting plate. It allows you to get the car out of trouble, when in very difficult terrain run grip.

The car has protection against water by adding raised vents to the powertrain and moving air intake to the roof line. This modification allows the car to wade twice as deep into the water, which originally is only 350 mm. Packet includes also steel protection plates for gas tank and rear axle.

The kit includes:

  • Suspension lift kit, increase the ground clearance by 60 mm

  • Elements which reintroduce suspension geometry

  • Off-road tires of a larger diameter -continental cross contact AT 205/80R16

  • Steel protection plates for gas

  • Steel protection plats for rear axle

  • Winch mounting plate built into the front bumper

  • TITANIUM ARCTICA 2040 kg / 4500 lbs electrical winch

  • Accessories for winching

  • snorkel

  • mounting instruction in digital form

Assembly time : 30 h

24 months warranty

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