ITALIAN BAJA 9-11.09.2021

Another edition of the rally taking place in Pordenone, famous for rides along the riverbed.
The plans included a prologue (7 km) and 4 sections (75.5 km and 3 x 92 km). Unfortunately, due to delays, 2 sections were canceled for our competitors - starting in the TH class.
Our teams:
#705 Magda Zając and Michał Ogórek in the Toyta Land Cruiser
#704 Patrycja Brochocka and Grzegorz Komar in Nissan X-Trail

We are very proud, especially that the rally was not the easiest one and the organizational chaos was omnipresent and Team #705 Magda and Michał are returning home with trophies for 1st place in the TH group!
Team # 704 Patrycja and Grzegorz finished the rally in 5th position in the TH group