Fenix Rally March 13-20.03.2021

Gateway to the Sahara - First edition of the Fenix Rally: 10 days away, 6 days in the Tunisian desert - 8 nights in a 4-star hotel and one at a camp in the desert during the longest stage.

Two crews took part in this marathon:

Magda ZajÄ…c and Mariusz Pietrzycki in the Toyota Land Cruiser in the open class (car number 214) and took 2nd place in the historical class and 8th in the general classification!

Grzegorz Brochocki and Grzegorz Komar in Toyota Land Cruiser in the limited class (car number 212) and finished the rally in 2nd place in the limited class and 12th in the general classification!

A few words from Team Manager Krzysztof Wicentowicz: "When the decision was made to go to the rally to Tunisia, and thus to another continent, we were not sure what the organization of the competition would look like in these difficult times - especially as it was the first edition of Fenix. The competition was huge. Here we deserve great respect for the organizers for the excellent preparation and creation of a new, extremely interesting rally. Bravo! Our team once again exceeded the limit of expectations. Both the competitors and the whole team did their best. We are coming back to Poland from new experiences and what is very pleased with the cups! "