Dacia Duster S2

This car has been equipped with a starter kit which includes: a homologate rollcage, cube car seats, 5-point seatbelts ensuring the safety of the driver and the pilot, a sports steering wheel and a fire-extinguishing system. Sports nets have been mounted on the doors at the level of the windows to protect the participants.

The inside has been emptied from unnecessary equipment and soundproofing to reduce the car’s weight. The factory “sides” of the front- and rear-side doors have been replaced with ABS or carbon-made elements. They are far lighter than the factory ones.

The rear-end part of the car has been customized to bring in the place for 2 spare wheels.

The whole of the bodywork has been improved. The undercarriage has been secured with aluminum covers protecting it from possible damage while driving off-road.

The car has bigger and more aggressive wheels which give it a better traction for sand and mud terrains.

The chassis has been modified by strengthening shock absorber lashing points and using strengthened wishbones. Absorbers from the world-best motorsport absorber producer REIGER have been designed.

A sports rear-wheel drive control system has been implemented. The engine is equipped with a new control program, enhanced injection and supercharger steering maps, which all improve the power and the torque. The exhaustion and intake systems have been designed specially for this car.

The project was carried out jointly with Hołowczyc Racing.