Dacia Duster S1

It has been the intention of the company to build a budget-friendly car for cross-country rallies. The Dacia Duster 4x4, a crossover known for its excellent offroad handling while at the same time inexpensive, has proven to be a very good base.

The car is equipped with a safety package: a roll cage complying with annex J of the rally regulations, sports bucket seats, six-point safety harnesses, a sports steering wheel, additional fire extinguishers, and intercoms. Inside the vehicle, all non-essential features and insulating material have been eliminated in order to bring down the curb weight of the car. The whole bodywork is reinforced to cope with tough rally courses. The cooling system has been moved to the rear of the car to avoid damage to the radiator and to shift the center of gravity. Underneath the car, aluminum skid plates have been installed to protect the chassis from possible damage while driving off-road. Larger, more aggressive wheels, rubber mud flaps, and a rear slip differential with a sporty rear-wheel drive control switch have been mounted.

The suspension has been modified; reinforced A-arms and stronger sports shock absorbers /techno shock/ have been installed. A partition wall separates the driver and co-pilot from the radiator and car battery. The rear of the car houses a gel battery, the tank for the windshield washer fluid and offers room for two spare wheels. The engine /2,0 dci Laguna 3 - nissan, renault/  has been equipped with new fuel injection software, a more efficient air filter and complete air inlet duct, as well as an intercooler.

The car had qualified to participate in the Polish Offroad Cup in the S1 class for vehicles with up over 3,000 cc engine displacement and Breslau Poland cross country open class - won the I-st place!