BALKAN OFFROAD 26-30.09.2022

BALKAN OFFROAD 26-30.09.2022

It will be 10th anniversary - "DRACULA" EDITION

See what organizers says:

RBI Sport is continuously looking for new locations, new ways to challenge our participants. We want to take them to new destinations and share the beauty of the country with rally-fans worldwide. We aim to make the Balkan Region even more popular to the motorsport community and share the diversity and the beauty of Romania. Our heart and passion lie in the off-road motorsports and we believe that we can present it professionally and inspiringly through the Balkan Offroad Rallye in Romania.

For the 10th Anniversary edition we take the rally experience further with exploring of new territories in a beautiful country with long traditions in offroad motorsports. Routes in the area of the Carpathian Mountains, in the Central part of Romania.

◆ Big diversity – mixture of fast tracks, alpine routes, climbing and descending elements.
◆ Extreme category will be mindblowing: challenging obstacles in the mountains, extreme sections in the valleys, uphill winching and mud.

The camp is the heart of the rally, a place for sharing, debriefing, preparing for the next rally day and gathering the energy back. The family feeling atmosphere is typical for the events of RBI Sport and we want to keep this spirit further.

The two camps will be in the area of the historic cities Sighisoara and Alba Iulia.
◆ Ethno-historical locations with a lot of touristic attractions and majestic atmosphere
◆ Quick and easy reach from Europe to the rally centers on the highway
◆ Open air bivouacs and option for hotel accommodation
◆ Catering at the hotel restaurants with European food and local Transylvanian specialties
◆ Last but not least convenient fly & race option to the airports of Sibiu and Targu Mures

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