Baja Poland 04-06.09.2020 in Szczecin, Drawsko Pomorskie and Dobra

Extremaly difficult rally: days of raining caused very muddy, slippery, wet track full of water-splashes!

In this competition participated 3 teams:

Patrycja Brochocka and Rafał Marton in Toyota Land Cruiser in FIA World Cup in T2 class, RMPST in T2 class - they finished as 1st in FIA World Cup

Grzegorz Brochocki and Grzegorz Komar in Volkswagen Amarok in FIA World Cup in T1.1 class, RMPST in T1 class - a new project, still in testing. Unfortunately the didn't finish

Magda Zając and Michał Ogórek in Dacia Duster in RMPST in T2 class - unfortunately the didn't finis (this team wasn't serviced by us)