The Volkswagen Amarok is a sales-hit in the pickup class in Europe. It is the response Volkswagen Group gave to the strong Japanese competition. The Amaroks advantage is in part thanks to its European roots. The Amarok VW combines attractive design with functionality and good off-road properties. It is a very versatile car. This car is made for tasks such as hard work on construction sites, emergency services and uniformed. But these are not the only areas in which the car shows its advantages. Many buyers treat the Amarok as a symbol of an active lifestyle. Its versatility is a great advantage. However, it can also be a disadvantage, especially for users with large and clearly defined expectations for functionality and capabilities of the car in the field. In order to meet these expectations, the company Overlimit has prepared modification packages that significantly improve the cars off-road capability, functionality, and attractiveness.

Modifications Overlimit:

  • Increasing set of car by 90 mm

  • 33" Off-road tires

  • Rims tailored to off-road tires

  • Trimming (adjustment) for the larger wheel arches

  • Flares 80 mm on each side

  • Steel side steps

  • Winch mounting plate built into the front bumper

  • Electric winch with a pulling power of 6 tons

  • Winch accessory kit

  • Steel chassis cover plates

  • Derived intake air to the engine

  • Powertrain protection against water